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Professional Retreat

English and Dutch

€899,00 Exc. IVA

Purposeful Development 

Every professional who demands a lot from themselves, sometimes comes across personal questions that are difficult to find answers to. Issues that concern your business development, your career and your future.

Questions like:

  • Do you feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment with your current role? Is your commitment to your career compromising your work-life balance?

  • What is your core passion? Do you know how to apply it in your current job? Are your personal values aligned with your current role and organization?

  • What is your legacy and how can you build it in your professional life? How can your work help you achieve your long-term life goals?

  • How can you incorporate continuous learning and growth in your line of work?

  • How can your talents better serve the planet and your community, while giving you purpose and income? Are there unexplored areas of interest that you wish to delve into professionally?

Perhaps you don't always take the time to really pay attention to these pressing inquiries. Maybe you didn't find the energy or place to ask for the needed support for this reflection. Receiving quality help and feedback from people who are facing the same questions is a valuable way to progress in it and, eventually, be inspired to pursue meaningful changes that will give you a fulfilling, impactful and well-balanced professional life.

In our retreats, we delve deeper into these type of questions. We look at where you come from, where you stand and to the future of you and your professional path. You receive assignments and feedback from both the coach and other participants. You also have the opportunity to collaborate on your peers' journey by providing feedback on their challenges and build a supportive community for life. After four days of this learning and intensive combination of coaching and intervision, you will return home full of new insights!

The four-day professional retreat is small-scale and exclusive. This means, groups exist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight participants on our estate in Portugal. The group will be the only guests there, to guarantee attention and social safety.


The costs of the three-day course are € 899 (excl. VAT). This includes:

  • full use of the 9 hectare estate

  • full-time guidance by the coaches

  • a three nights stay (for €40 per night extra you have the room to yourself)

  • every day breakfast, lunch and dinner, freshly made and served

  • coffee breaks, snacks and drinks

  • use of the work spaces, materials, swimming pool

  • additional activities, such as yoga class, kickboxing or salsa dancing

  • pick up from and drop off to Faro airport, about an hour's drive away.


Only the travel costs are for yourself and that also offers you the opportunity to possibly add some vacation days to it.

Practical Information
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