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Dia 0: to arrive and get acquainted

You are expected at the end of the day! Our transfer you get you from Faro's airport or the Train station. At this point, you will be introduced to the accommodations as well as have the opportunity to get to know your partners in this journey and the details of the program you share. The night ends with a delicious dinner combined with Alentejano wines.

Dia 1: Where are you in your professional life and development?

Get started using focal tools. time to reflect and present your results. Get feedback and more thought material. End your first day letting loose during a fun physical activity.

Dia 2: Zooming in on your personal challenge and obstacles.

let's enjoy the early day with a light physical activity for relaxation andconcentration.

After our "don't forget to breath" moment, we look back on the previous day. Wewill work with your reflections in a number of sessions and diverse exercises. Let's dive into the challenges you want to work on.

Dia 3: What does my future look like? 

We have a beautiful place around us! what about starting the day with a walk and reflection on your previous days. It's time to think about your next challenges, the issues to overcome and plan the strategies to defie it. But you are not alone. This is the moment to concrete request for help from the group. With tips and feedback via intervision and coaching 1:1, we put a light on the path ahead.

Dia 4: (Optional)

Take the time to let the insights sink in and get to work on the estate. We teach you about sustainable permaculture principles in a seasonal "from the garden to the table" experience.

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