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Gender Equality Plan (GEP) of QXote

Date: march 16, 2023

Authors: J.W.E. Lodders and S. I. R. B. da Costa


Within QXote company, we declare the following:

  1. The founding principles of QXote is to be locally connected, internationally inspired, sustainable and socially inclusive. Gender Equality is part of this 

The two founders are:

  • Sunamita Iris Rodrigues Borges da Costa PhD (she/her)

  • Johannes Willem Eduard Lodders MA (he/him)

Both are equally owner of QXote Unipessoal LDA, have equal shares and say in the direction and activities of the company.

Both are equally committed, and have the expertise to develop, implement and maintain the Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

  1. During each year, we will gather data on an aggregated level about the division between males and females, working for QXote, employees, students and suppliers.

  2. In our day-to-day work we give attention to gender equality and unconscious gender biases for staff and decision makers. If needs be, we will organize trainings with regard to proper, gender related behavior.

  3. We guard a healthy work/life balance for everybody working for QXote. Even better, this is a subject of the three-day ‘Focus & Balance´ course that is being organized frequently for clients of the company.

  4. There is a gender equal way of leaderhip and decision making. Both founders have an equal say in all matters. Decisions are being made based on agreement.

  5. When looking for new staff, serious consideration will be given to the existing gender balance of the staff.

  6. When receiving students and when working on (scientific or pedagogical) projects, the gender dimension will always be a subject of attention. Either in the behavior of those involved, or as subject of research.

  7. Sexual harassment or gender based violence is ground for immediate removal or dismissal of personnel. In situations of sexual harassment, the incident will be reported at the police, when applicable. A ‘person of confidant’ is appointed, being Mrs S.I.R. Borges da Costa.



Signed and filed in the minutes on:

March 29, 2023

Santa Cruz, Portugal



 The founders

Sunamita Iris Rodrigues Borges da Costa PhD

Johannes Willem Eduard Lodders MA

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