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Leading for impact

For directors of civil society organizations and NGO's

A three day professional retreat for executives of social organisations

Welcome to our exclusive three-day retreat, specifically designed for executives of nonprofit organizations. This program offers an inspiring and enriching experience that supports your personal and professional growth as a leader, while empowering you to create positive change in society.

During this retreat, you will immerse yourself in a stimulating environment surrounded by the natural beauty of our magnificent estate in Portugal. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your leadership, vision, and strategies, and discover new perspectives that will enhance your effectiveness as an executive.

This program goes beyond traditional training. It is a unique blend of coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and self-reflection, providing you with valuable insights and tools to elevate your organization to new heights. You will collaborate with like-minded executives, participate in interactive sessions, and engage in profound discussions about the challenges you face.

Why a professional retreat for executives of social organisations?

As a board member of a nonprofit organization, you play a crucial role in creating positive change and advancing a better world. You face unique challenges and responsibilities that go beyond traditional business endeavors. That is why it is essential for you, as a board member, to participate in this professional retreat.

A three-day retreat provides a valuable opportunity to escape the daily hustle and focus on your personal and professional growth. It enables you to enhance your leadership skills, discover new perspectives, and develop strategies that can help your organization generate even greater impact.

A professional retreat also offers the chance to learn from like-minded board members of nonprofit organizations. You will build valuable connections, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions to common challenges. This network of fellow board members can become a source of support, inspiration, and fruitful partnerships.

Furthermore, the retreat provides you with time and space for self-reflection. It allows you to contemplate your personal mission, values, and goals as a board member. By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, leveraging your strengths, and addressing any barriers to growth, you can establish stronger and more authentic leadership.

Join us in this transformative retreat and empower yourself to make a lasting difference in the nonprofit sector.

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18 – 21 April 2024

799 EUR

English and Dutch

Practical Information

The three-day professional retreat is small-scale and exclusive. This means, groups exist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight participants on our estate in Portugal. The group will be the only guests there, to guarantee attention and social safety.

The costs of the three-day course are € 799 (excl. VAT). This includes:

  • full use of the 9 hectare estate

  • full-time guidance by the coaches

  • a three nights stay (for €40 per night extra you have the room to yourself), extensible to 4 nights

  • every day breakfast, lunch and dinner, freshly made and served

  • coffee breaks, snacks and all drinks, etc

  • use of the work spaces, materials, swimming pool

  • additional activities, such as yoga class, kickboxing or salsa dancing

  • pick up from and drop off to Faro airport, about an hour's drive away.

Only the travel costs are for yourself and that also offers you the opportunity to possibly add some vacation days to it.

NEW Optional: Extend your stay and have a four-day retreat for just a 100€ extra.

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