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Focus & Balance: for independent professionals

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

This three-day retreat is intended for any self-employed professional who sometimes wonders 'what exactly they are about', or who finds it difficult to find the right assignments that give him energy, or who has other personal/business questions.

Why a retreat for independent entrepreneurs?

As an independent entrepreneur you do business with personal passion. And it is precisely your personal connection with your company that sometimes makes it difficult to take the next steps. You have been doing your job well for years, but sometimes it costs you more energy than it yields.

Do the assignments suit you, do they give you energy, or do you perhaps have to make different choices? Does it take you relatively little effort to find assignments, but maybe you don't always have to say 'yes'? What exactly is your core and passion, what are you strong in and do you know how to use that in your current work?

We will address these kinds of questions during the three-day event: we will look at where you come from, where you stand and the future of you and your company. You will receive assignments and feedback from the coach, but also from the other participants! So you also give feedback to the others. Thanks to this instructive and intensive combination of coaching and intervision, you will go home after three days full of new insights!

What's in it for you?

  • new ideas and insights

  • time for yourself and your issues

  • refreshed and rested back home

  • a network of fellow entrepreneurs

Why is that necessary in Portugal?

because it is precisely the distance, the tranquility, nature and other surroundings that enable you to reflect and deepen more easily and quickly.

and we amply compensate for the flight!

In our program you work on your personal-professional challenges. You will receive feedback from the coaches and the group (intervision) through several specific assignments. In this space, we learn together, but you will also have time for private reflection and relaxation. The group size is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants.

So small-scale, exclusive, and personal.

price: 799 EUR


  • 3 nights staying in Monte dos Três Moinhos in a two-person shared bedroom*

  • Transfer from/to Faro's Airport or Train station

  • Welcome cocktail and snacks

  • All meals and drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks)

  • Goodbye diner at 1680 Gourmet Restaurant

  • Access to the property's natural areas (hiking paths and bikes)

  • Swimming pool

  • Extra activities like yoga, kickboxing and dance sessions organized according to program goals

* Would you like a bedroom just for yourself? It can be arranged at the additional cost of 40EUR per night .

Would like to know when this training will take place? Check our calendar

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