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We are QXote


We have been inspired by the rich and diverse backgrounds of our own cultures, align with personal and professional experiences, enhanced by Portugal Itself and the beautiful Alentejo. From this powerful combination, Qxote landed in Monte dos Três Moinhos what makes us anchored in the environment and, at the same time, open to international collaboration and exchange. QXote facilitates knowledge exchange about sustainable development. We provide consulting, training and partnership building dedicated to sustainable, creative, economically healthy and social engaged enterprises. In this hidden paradise, we set up a place where people can get rest, be inspired, have contact with nature, colleagues, old and future friends, as well as the warm local community. Here, we promote an inclusive space where people can learn from each other’s challenges, cultures, and backgrounds. These networking and exchange experiences are provided in courses, guided trainings and events hosted by Qxote and in collaboration with great partners that honor us with their trust and knowledge.

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