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Sustainable Development 

QXote's ambition is to be a location for knowledge exchange on sustainable development. We want to contribute to the revitalization of our region, both in ecological and economical terms, by building international partnerships with schools, universities and companies, and by including the local community. 


We realize our ambition by facilitating research projects, offering internships for students and by organizing knowledge events. Furthermore, we organize trainings and host events on our property. Lastly, we offer one-on-one business coaching and workations.

Research projects, education and internships
Open trainings for personal development
One-on-one business coaching and consulting
Facilitate and host sessions for other trainers and organisations

About Us

We have been inspired by the rich and diverse backgrounds of our own cultures, align with personal and professional experiences, enhanced by Portugal Itself and the beautiful Alentejo. From this powerful combination, Qxote landed in Monte dos Três Moinhos what makes us anchored in the environment and, at the same time, open to international collaboration and exchange. QXote facilitates knowledge exchange about sustainable development. We provide consulting, training and partnership building dedicated to sustainable, creative, economically healthy and social engaged enterprises. 


In this hidden paradise, we set up a place where people can get rest, be inspired, have contact with nature, colleagues, old and future friends, as well as the warm local community. Here, we promote an inclusive space where people can learn from each other’s challenges, cultures, and backgrounds. These networking and exchange experiences are provided in courses, guided trainings and events hosted by Qxote and in collaboration with great partners that honor us with their trust and knowledge.

Âncora about us

The Dream

When we landed in the Alentejo, we were struck by the beauty of the region, and by its challenges. When we walked through our village, the local people told us how just twenty years ago, the village was still thriving. It had four bars, two restaurants, one of the biggest bakeries in the region and a small supermarket. Nowadays, just one generation later, it has one café. Only serving food when you order it a day before. The school has closed, since there are just two children left…


As we already had plans to organize and host trainings, and we also had thought about working with students and create learning experiences, we came to a new insight:

What if we apply our experience in building triple and quadruple helices cooperation to a greater good? What if we use our academic backgrounds and our contacts to establish something more relevant, then ‘just a new business’? What if we could combine all our ideas, skills, and competences for the benefit of this territory? What if we can put our heart for sustainability, into a new direction?


These realizations kicked in, and it came to us what would be our lifelong journey: we really want to make an impact and help the region revitalize. By activities such as giving and hosting trainings and other sessions, facilitating internships and research projects, building partnerships with schools and universities in Portugal and abroad, collaborating with local and international companies, we attract people to the region and create economic opportunities locally while learning and applying sustainability principles. As we live in a semi-arid and one of the poorest regions in Europe, we also believe the lessons learned here can be inspiration for other places in the world. All this with the hope that the seed we are planting gets the wheels to turn into another direction…


What we can do for you


Sunamita and Hans have a background in consulting and project management, on a strategic level. It brings to QXote a set of valuable experiences in setting up new organizations and collaborations. We can facilitate the strategic direction definition, find the common grounds for new partnerships, create, and execute, together with your team, a project plan aligning with your needs. 


As a Master’s and a Ph.D., our founders have large experience in executing and supervising research projects in many different areas. Beyond the work in the academic world, the research activities in QXote are connected with decision-making processes for companies and public policies design and evaluation.


At QXote, we design and offer several options of training. An example is the three-day deep dive for social entrepreneurs that happened in March 2022. At the same time, our client can assign us to design a training personalized for his team and their goals or use the Três Moinhos facilities to host their existing training program.

Group Sessions

We have space to host groups for sessions, as well as several sub-spaces for break-out sessions in subgroups. We can provide active facilitation – which can be useful when you need an independent process facilitator – or we can ‘just’ be the host, offering the amenities of an amazing location and the needed support for your planned activities.


The calming and beautiful environment is tranquil


Meet others who embody the same ideas

New friends

Get to know others people and friends who you haven't met yet


The surrounding nature is will help your brain to perform the right way


Get together with your colleagues the enhance your work experience


We will teach you about everything we know


Our Clients Say

“The 3-day business retreat with Hans in Portugal has sharpened and confirmed my business goals for the next 10 years. Hans asks sharp questions, and gives a lot of space to bring out insights that were already present somewhere deep down. In addition, a lot of attention was paid to strengthening the personal relationships of our 5-person Scale Up/Intervision group, with excellent hospitality from both Hans and Sunamita as icing on the cake.”

Edan van der Meer

CEO of Eigenaar Audivio


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