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Knowledge Exchange for Sustainable Development 

QXote's mission is to revitalize the Alentejo region in economical, ecological and social terms.

Our story begins in 2021 when we decided to make Monte dos Três Moinhos our home. Even Impacted by the beauty of this place, it didn't take long for its challenges to become evident: Our Monte, like most of the surrounding farms, had its soil treated in a traditional way, causing its impoverishment and accelerating the process of desertification; the welcoming village of Santa Cruz, Almodôvar, no longer had the joy and energy of before, because of the migration of the youngest in search of job opportunities elsewhere; Alentejo, in turn, shows the significant transformations generated by climate change with water crises and increasingly high temperatures.

This reality led us to a decision to choose a different path. Our home would become an oasis! In the nine hectares under our responsibility, we decided to adopt restorative practices that preserve and increase our biodiversity, build fertile soils, and promote climate resilience. Our ambition? To become a tangible example, capable of inspiring our neighbors near and far to transform their way of seeing and acting in the territory.

Thus began a journey of hard work and learning. The first lesson? Community! There is no way to cope with the challenge that presents itself alone, but the courage to accept this challenge inspires partners from all corners to join in our life-lasting mission. How do they contribute with us? By participating in one of the many activities we offer.

Our Activities


The calming and beautiful environment is tranquil


Meet others who embody the same ideas

New friends

Get to know others people and friends who you haven't met yet


The surrounding nature is will help your brain to perform the right way


Get together with your colleagues the enhance your work experience


We will teach you about everything we know


Our Clients Say

“The 3-day business retreat with Hans in Portugal has sharpened and confirmed my business goals for the next 10 years. Hans asks sharp questions, and gives a lot of space to bring out insights that were already present somewhere deep down. In addition, a lot of attention was paid to strengthening the personal relationships of our 5-person Scale Up/Intervision group, with excellent hospitality from both Hans and Sunamita as icing on the cake.”

Edan van der Meer

CEO of Eigenaar Audivio

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